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Crystal Nights



Night Blue



All in Blue Time


Impressions of Christmas


Still crooning after all these years.
At the Southpoint Casino in Las Vegas

Playing a Yamaha Y62 tenor saxophone

Blue Sax

Opry Backstage

With Irish singer Daniel O'Donnell

With Crystal Gayle on PBS

I'm the Coal Miner's daughter's sister's saxophone player

With songwriters Don Henry, Mike Loudermilk and Roger Cook at the Bluebird

With saxophonist Jeff Coffin and trombonist Roy Agee

Backstage with Larry Gatlin

At the Opry

Singing a duet on the Grand Ole Opry with Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle & Jay Patten
"There's a Rainbow"

Denis Solee burning the house down on
"Straight, No Chaser"

Yanagasawa soprano saxophone and an old Gibson mandolin on
"Ready For The Times To Get Better"

On the Bluebird Cafe stage for the 30th Anniversary Show with Crystal Gayle
(Ric Lonow/drums)

The first guy to ever play the Bluebird Cafe hosting the 33rd Bluebird Anniversery Show

Webb Wilder singing with the Jay Patten Band at the Bluebird Cafe Birthday Show

Opening the show at the Dosey Doe
in The Woodlands, TX
(Duane Norman/drums, Rob Price/bass)

On stage with Peggy Sue Wright and Crystal Gayle after singing "There's a Rainbow"

Jammin' "The Jim/Jay Blues"
Jay and Jimmy Hall
with Rick Lonow on drums in the key of G minor

With John Prine after the Bluebird Christmas Show 2018

"Memories Are Made of This"
Crystal Gayle and me in a swinging duet

With Kirk Whalum at Smooth Jazz Festival,
Clearwater, FL

Ran across my friend Gallagher in the airport

Playing to the valley in Sedona, AZ

Jamming onstage with my friend Lee Greenwood

Bluebird 25th Anniversary Show
(TOP: Mike Loudermilk, Roberto Bianco, Frank Sheen,
T. Graham Brown, Rick Lonow;
FRONT: Toni Sehulster, me, Jonell Mosser,
Jimmy Hall, Hal Ketchum)

Bluebird 25th Anniversary Show
With Amy Kurland and my band

Bluebird 25th Anniversary Show
with Irish star Maura O'Connell
and the amazing Jonell Mosser

Backstage at Clearwater Smooth Jazz Festival
with David Pack (Ambrosia)

On soprano with Mike Loudermilk
rocking on guitar
(photo by Lorri Straight)

With Jeff Steinberg and the great Buddy DeFranco

He likes bread 'n butter--songwriter Larry Henley
("Wind Beneath My Wings"), lead singer with
The New Beats

Recent picture of Jeff Steinberg and me

On a vortex mountain peak
with drummer Rick Lonow and lighting director extraordinaire Don Kellams

Michael Feinstein, Crystal Gayle, and me backstage

Crooning at Feinstein's, NYC
Magic night fronting my own big band at the Belcourt Theatre, Nashville, TN

Cole Burgess on lead alto takes a ride
Rockin' at Brown's Diner, Nashville

Mike Loudermilk on guitar,
Toni Sehulster on bass
Bluebird Cafe Anniversary Show, Nashville

Quando Condo at the Bluebird Cafe party
(l to r): me, Roberto Bianco, Rick Lonow, Vicki Carrico, Michael Johnson, Frank Sheen


With my therapist
(she looks a lot like Crystal Gayle...)

Glenn Miller Band Bus
Larry Fisher, Larry Bell, Bob Dogan, me

The New Swing Combo
Chris Enghauser on bass

Jay Patten Band (L to R):
Toni Sehulster, Ralph Vitello, Jay,
Larry Chaney, Tommy Wells

Drummer Jim White and me
Crystal Gayle Band


A promo picture somewhere along the way

I need to cut my hair, put on a hat,
pick up my alto and play the blues.
What's wrong with this horn?
I think I'll switch to Yamaha...

The Glenn Miller Band in London
L to R: Richie Barz, me, Loretta St. John

My friends the Everly Brothers
L to R: Don Everly, Phil Everly, me
Jerry McEwen in foreground

Crystal Gayle Band in Europe
L to R: Me, Jim Totoian, Larry Schwartz,
Alan Steinberger,Bob Patin,
Tony Newman, Chris Leuzinger, Steve Garrard

Arranger Jeff Steinberg & me,
Berklee College of Music

Northern Ireland

The Mad Dogs
(L to R): Mike Foley, Bob Biles (Roberto Bianco), Jay, Clark Furlow, Steve Uzzle

Notice the dog collars!

I was still searching for a stage name
(check out the shoes!)

Taking a solo!
Jim Ferguson on bass

Posing for a TV promo for a kid's show pilot,
Cypress Gardens, Florida

I WAS 15, and we played in an Acme Market in Asbury Park, NJ; my dad, Carmine Pellecchia, ran the store (Danny Kokora on accordian and Steve Kay on drums)
We were set up between the fruits and vegetables.

With the Glenn Miller Band in Japan
(that's me in the black tux)

Belfast, Northern Ireland
L to R: Tony Newman, me, Steve "Gyro" Garrard

Guy Clark & me at Mississippi Whiskers

Rehearsing the Atlanta Symphony, Crystal Gayle Show

My band at the Bluebird Cafe
L to R: Larry Chaney, Jerry McEwen, unknown drummer, me, Alan Steinberger

Singing "Black Hat & Saxophone"
on The Nashville Network

Buddy DeFranco, the world's greatest
jazz clarinetist, is trying my alto sax
(that's me in foreground left)

The making of the "Black Hat" video
featured on VH-1

With pianist Bob Patin in London
...Waiting for the subway

Bassist Duncan Mullins, me, guitarist Chris Leuzinger
Crystal Gayle Band

My friend Tony Newman at the drums,
Crystal Gayle Band

Mugging it up in Las Vegas
Jim Totoian (facing backwards), me,
my friend & saxophone hero Richie Cole